About General Practice Cremorne

General Practice Cremorne brings together healthcare workers who all share the same philosophy of healthcare.

Established in December 2000, we are a group of local independent GPs who are passionate about improving your healthcare. Although the doctors working from GPC are operating their own businesses independently, collectively they are strong believers in empowering and involving patients in their own well-being, we know that your care starts with a conversation.

That’s why we’re here to be your partner in health.


Your care starts with a conversation
At GP Cremorne we listen first. Because caring for you means knowing you.

Doing more
We believe in care without shortcuts. So we go above and beyond to look after you the right way, not the easy way. We build relationships for the long term.

Working together
We believe every one of us is responsible for your care. No matter which doctor or nurse you choose to see or who answers the phone, we’re working together for the same goal: your health.

In your community
We believe in being a part of the community we serve. We’re locally owned by local doctors who know the local community. We’ve built a trusted network of local specialists who we can refer you to so that you have a connected team all looking out for you.

New patients

We love meeting new patients and welcoming them to our practice and community. You can book your first appointment online or give us a call. Please download and complete a New Patient Form and submit via HotDoc or bring it to your appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and important information before you come in for a chat with one of our team members.


To make the most of your appointment, think about any health issues or questions you’d like to share with us. To help you, we have a My GP Appointment Today form that you can fill out and bring to the appointment.

The Independent GPs working from General Practice Cremorne have their own billing policies – if you are seeing a GP for the first time please ask reception for details of his/her own policy prior to your appointment.

Prescriptions & referrals

You should ask your GP for any prescriptions or referrals as part of your regular consultation, as it’s important for the GP to assess your current health status before writing a prescription.

In most instances repeat prescriptions and repeat referrals can be requested online. This service is for existing patients of General Practice Cremorne who have had the prescription from one of the GPs previously*

Please make sure that you advise the Practice of any changes to your contact details.

To request a repeat prescription or repeat referral visit hotdoc.com.au or download the HotDoc app from the App store or Google Play for Android phones.

We are listed in HotDoc as General Practice Cremorne Sydney.

Please note, some requests aren’t available online and fees do apply.

Prescriptions may be requested without an appointment with your doctor.  Fees apply.

Writing a prescription should never be a “click and send” process.  Before a doctor provides the ‘script, he or she needs to review your notes to make sure this is still the appropriate medication and the correct dose.  Possible side effects and interactions need to be looked for every time. There may have been changes to your condition that makes this no longer safe.  This all takes skill, time and effort – hence a charge.

A referral may be requested without an appointment with your doctor. Fees apply.

Writing a referral, even if a repeat to a doctor you have seen before, requires thought and time.

Your notes, built up over years, are reviewed to check this is still an appropriate specialist to see plus to make sure the specialist receives as up to date information about you as possible.  In that review your notes may need to be updated. This all takes skill, time and effort – hence a charge

Click here to be taken to the Repeat Prescription Request section on HotDoc   Request a Repeat Prescription   OR click here to be taken to the Repeat Referral Request section on HotDoc  Request a Repeat Referral

*conditions and fees apply

Receiving test results

We want our patients to be full informed about their health, so it is important that you receive and understand your test results. This is a shared responsibility of both you and your GP. Your GP will advise you on how this can be arranged, with SMS results available.

If you have not heard from your GP regarding your test results, please follow up by calling the practice on (02) 8969 5000. Your GP will advise the receptionist or nurse of any instructions for you following your tests results being reviewed. You can also discuss your results with your GP or a practice nurse.

Contacting your GP


Patients are able to contact the Practice by calling, emailing or attending in person to speak to on of our Receptionists. For any messages intended for your GP, the receptionist will take down your details and forward your message or request to your GP.

If you requires an urgent or a response in a timely manner you are requested to make an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns.

Your doctor will however endeavour to respond to your queries when time permits. Your doctors response may come from one of the nursing or reception staff where appropriate.

Afterhours medical attention that is not an emergency can be organised through 1300 Home GP (1300 266 347)



To stay on top of your health, we have a computerised reminder/recall system which enables the practice to send a SMS or letter when your next follow-up is due for certain regular checks.

Please make sure that you advise the Practice of any changes to your contact details.

Our system is dependent on your current contact details being correct. If you are moving house, or have changed your mobile number please advise us so we can update your records.

Reminders include but are not limited to: annual check-ups, Cervical Screening Test (CST), women’s health checks, men’s health checks, immunisations and travel vaccines. It is important that you schedule an appointment for these check-ups when due so that your health is a priority.

It is important that you schedule an appointment for these check-ups when due so that your health is a priority.


The most commonly charged fees can be found under the Fees tab at the top of the page.


Please remember that each doctor working from GPC is an Independent GP and sets his/her fees.


Our receptionists will be able to let you know the billing policy of a doctor before your see him or her.


Fees are payable for prescriptions, referrals and Fitness to Drive forms completed outside of consultations.


Privacy of information

Privacy is important to us at General Practice Cremorne. You can read our Privacy Statement or give us a call on (02) 8969 5000.

Email policy

If you have any suggestions in relation to the practice, you can email reception@gpcremorne.com.au. The Practice Manager’s email is not for clinical correspondence relating to your medical care, appointments, referrals or scripts. Please call the practice and our receptionists will assist with your queries.


If you choose to email the Practice and are expecting a reply by email you will be required to provide adequate information, including your full name, date of birth and address so that we be sure that we are correctly identifying you.


Please remember that emails to and from GPC are NOT encrypted and we are unable to guarantee the transmission to or from the Practice.

Feedback, Compliments & Complaints

We take your feedback, concerns and complaints very seriously. We also appreciate compliments! Please feel free to talk to your doctor, nurse or our reception staff if you have any problems. You may also email our Practice Manager at practicemanager@gpcremorne.com.au  You may also choose to contact the Health Care Complaints Commission at Locked Bag 18, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012 or Phone: 1800 049 153.

We provide regular opportunities for patient feedback via questionnaires, a Suggestions Box and being responsive to verbal complaints. We welcome your comments and contributions.

Your feedback is appreciated and we appreciate you taking the time to share with us. It enables us to review and improve our services.

We are however, unable to respond to negative or defamatory reviews on social media platforms due to our adherence to Privacy Legislations restrictions and ethical codes of conduct.

It is our Practice Policy that we will not continue to provide services to individuals that leave reviews that undermine to Doctor-Patient relationship and quality of care. Posting of such reviews will act as a termination of care (emergencies excluded)

Talk to us! We love to hear from you.